05 September 2006

Miller Brewing Responds

I posted on Miller Brewing's support for illegal aliens and their advocates on Friday. Included in that post was a link to Miller's online contact form; a form that I had already used to contact Miller to express my disapproval and inform them of my decision to no longer purchase their products. Well, on Monday, Miller responded.

Thanks for contacting us.

Miller Brewing Company does not support illegal immigration or any other unlawful act. We do support a public policy discussion that will lead to a clear path to legal naturalization for people who meet the requirements for U.S. citizenship. We also oppose any legislation that would unfairly and unjustly seek to constrain immigration.

Miller was founded 151 years ago by a German immigrant, Frederick Miller. And today, we are part of an international company with employees from around the world. We support the free movement of people, labor, goods and services in the global economy with appropriate protections for the rights of individuals and families, the security of nations, and the diversity that contributes to a rich and productive society.

Miller is active in helping immigrants learn how to become legally naturalized citizens of the U.S., through programs like the Miller Lite Immigration Forum in Texas and support for a recent immigration convention in Chicago. We have a long history of proudly supporting many national and local Latino organizations throughout the U.S.

We appreciate your interest.

Quite the stunning attempt to win back my business, isn't it? Miller Time is over for me.

Miller claims that they do not support illegal immigration or any other unlawful act. Let's revisit the Chicago Tribune article on this.

Marchers had to duck into fast-food restaurants for water when they first took to Chicago's streets in support of illegal immigrants five months ago. [...]

This time, as demonstrators march from Chinatown to House Speaker Dennis Hastert's (R-Ill.) Batavia office this weekend, they will have Miller Brewing Co., as a sponsor. The brewer has paid more than $30,000 for a planning convention, materials and newspaper ads publicizing the event. [...]

Now, march advertisements feature not just the organizing committee's trademark blue globe but Miller's logo and a Spanish translation of its "Live Responsibly" slogan, a company effort to build goodwill among Latinos.

But this march is no Cinco de Mayo parade. The politically charged event will promote a controversial plan to end deportations and offer legal status for all 11 million to 12 million undocumented immigrants.

A march in support of illegal immigrants, one that is a politically charged event that will promote ending deportations and offering legal status for 11 to 12 million illegal aliens, is receiving $30,000 from Miller, and the march advertisements will bear Miller's logo and their "Live Responsibly" slogan in Spanish. I don't know about you, but that sounds an awful lot like support for the advocates of illegal aliens to me; and a defacto support of illegal immigration.

Miller was founded by a German immigrant, but I'm rather certain that Frederick Miller came here legally, so that has nothing to do with the issue of illegal immigration. Also, the fact that Miller is an international company has no bearing on immigration, legal or otherwise.

I'm not certain if the Miller Lite Immigration Forum in Texas focuses on helping both legal and illegal immigrants to become legally naturalized citizens, but it could easily be viewed as support for illegal immigrants if it includes helping illegal aliens to become citizens. Their support of the recent immigration convention in Chicago certainly appears to be just that.

So, Miller thanks me for contacting them; says that they don't support illegal immigration (which can be refuted with the Chicago Tribune article); references the facts that their company was started by an immigrant and that it is international, both of which have no bearing on illegal immigration; references a program and a convention that they support, the latter of which can easily be argued to be in support of illegal immigration; and then they close with a condescending "We appreciate your interest."

I hope that they appreciate my interest, because it is the last thing that they will receive from me.

You can join the Miller Boycott here.


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