09 September 2006

Infanticide Mom?

Cindy Sheehan's new book, Peace Mom, will be available on 19 September 2006. According to Radar Online, Sheehan says in the book that she wishes that she could go back in time to kill President Bush as a baby.

In the book, which hits bookstores September 19, the antiwar icon admits she has fantasized about going back in time and killing the infant George W. Bush, thereby preventing the Iraq War.

That declaration could indicate some serious derangement, and it also brings up some interesting questions.

Isn't Sheehan's fantasy a pre-emptive act? Sheehan has complained in the past that the Iraq War is wrong because Iraq did not attack us directly; it was a pre-emptive act on the part of the Bush administration. Her fantasy, however, is also one of a pre-emptive attack.

If Bush didn't exist, would that prevent the Iraq War? Back in July of 2002, John Kerry said, "I agree completely with this Administration’s goal of a regime change in Iraq – Saddam Hussein is a renegade and outlaw who turned his back on the tough conditions of his surrender put in place by the United Nations in 1991." Many people from both sides of the political aisle supported additional pressure on Iraq, even to the point of using force. If George W. Bush was never president, and if the rest of hisory's timeline remained the same, I think that the U.S. would have still pushed for taking out Hussein; it would have simply happened under different leadership.

Is Sheehan's hatred for Bush blinding her to the possibility of preventing our current War on Terror by going back in time to stop the 11 September 2001 attacks? September 11th has been pointed to as proof that we can not wait for a threat against America to be carried out before responding to that threat. If Sheehan wanted to truly stop evil, and if she wanted to remove a large impetus for the larger war we now find ourselves in, she should really consider fantasizing about a time travel endeavor to stop the attacks of September 11th.

Fantasizing about murdering a baby who would be president is disturbing at best, and I don't think that there are too many people who would argue with the concept that a person who fantasizes about going back in time to kill babies really should not be called "Peace Mom."


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