01 September 2006

Mexican Flag Raised Over U.S. Post Office

On 26 August 2006, supporters of illegal aliens raised the Mexican flag over the Mayfield, California post office. I have read reports that the U.S. flag was taken down by the illegal alien supporters and stomped on, and I have also read that Old Glory was taken down by post office employees at closing. Either way, the Mexican flag should never be flying over a U.S. post office.

I didn't hear about this in the mainstream media; only online. Now, if I took down a Mexican flag and replaced it with the U.S. flag, regardless of whether or not the Mexican flag was flying over an official building of the Mexican government, you can bet your seat-cushion that the event would garner headlines around the country. Why is this event not national news?

I haven't found anything about this on KABC's website, even though I did see an ABC 7 news van in some of the pictures. Here are some other sources for your perusal, though.

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