16 March 2009

Religion Of Peace - Episode 59

"If you go back to the studio, we'll break your legs."

That was the warning given to Pakistan-born Reverend Noble Samuel by the three men who recently attacked him on his way to the studio where he does a religious program.

Mr Samuel, based at Heston United Reformed Church, West London, said: 'He put his hand into my window, which was half open, and grabbed my hair and opened the door.

He started slapping my face and punching my neck. He was trying to smash my head on the steering wheel.

Then he grabbed my cross and pulled it off and it fell on the floor. He was swearing. The other two men came from the car and took my laptop and Bible.'
Reverend Samuel has recently been receiving aggressively argumentative calls on his program from people identifying themselves as Muslims. Not surprisingly, at least to anyone who tends to pay attention to the adherents of Islam, some of these individuals have apparently decided to resort to violence in this situation.

Go read some of the comments left at the article on the Daily Mail website. There were 32 comments when I checked it at 11:55 CDT, and they all were in one of four general groups: The reverend's faith will help him through, Islam is not a religion of peace, the U.K. is getting what they voted for, and a backlash is due soon.

At some point this will come to a head, and the violence will spill back on the Muslim communities in the West. The moderate Muslims, if they actually exist, need to start policing their own people if they want to avoid a possibly vicious retaliation that will impact many people in their community.



Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I'm still waiting on this so called "religion of peace" to be purified...since they say Islam has been "hijacked"

USMC 9971 said...

Me, on the other hand, I'm waiting for the hijackers to just finally crash Islam once and for all. It won't end pretty, so let's just take it down.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

haha, I agree, destroy them all, when's the next crusade?