15 February 2009

Latest Muslim Beheading: Buffalo, New York

In late 2004, VOA News did a piece about American Muslims who were trying to counter the negative perceptions that many Americans have of Islam. One of those highlighted was Muzzammil Hassan.

NARATOR: Muzzammil Hassan came to America from Pakistan 25 years ago. He became a successful banker in Buffalo, New York, near the famed Niagara Falls.

While he and his wife were happy to be in the United States, they were upset by the negative perceptions of Muslims, and particularly how this perception might affect their children.

That is how they came up with the idea of Bridges TV. Mr. Hassan's wife challenged him to start it.

MUZZAMMIL HASSAN, FOUNDER, BRIDGES TV: "I had no background in television. I didn't know anything about TV. Her comment was, 'you have an M.B.A. (masters degree in business) why don't you write a business plan?'"

NARATOR: And so he did. He quit his job at the bank and for the next two to three years worked almost non-stop in developing an English language television network that offers news and entertainment for Muslims.

Mr. Hassan hopes Bridges TV lives up to its name by uniting American Muslims and by helping non-Muslims overcome the negative images they may have of both Muslims and Islam.

MUZZAMMIL HASSAN, FOUNDER, BRIDGES TV: "There should be a Muslim media so that Muslim children growing up in America grow up with the self confidence and high self esteem about their identity both as Americans and as Muslims."
Just over four years later, Hassan came up with a new way to instill self confidence and high self esteem in Muslim children in America; he beheaded his wife at the Bridges TV studios.

Friends expressed shock on Friday that the founder of a Muslim TV channel — which he launched in order to counter violent images of Muslims — has been arrested in his wife’s brutal slaying.

Detectives have charged Muzzammil Hassan, 44, with second-degree murder after his wife was found beheaded Thursday at the offices of the cable channel, Bridges TV, in the Village of Orchard Park.

The victim was identified as Aasiya Z. Hassan, 37.
Well, I definitely have no idea how we could possibly see Muslims, even the normal seeming moderate Muslims that we interact with daily, as capable of such monstrous actions as terrorists. I mean, you'd never see some upstanding member of the Muslim community here in America resorting to any sort of honor killing; certainly never going so far as a beheading.

Oops! You aren't seeing any major coverage of this in the MSM, though. Funny how that part works. Here is an honor killing in which a prominent Muslim beheads his wife, and the article has been relegated to a section of the news websites that is available only to those who type the appropriate words into a search engine. Bias by omission on the part of the MSM.

Islam is not peaceful, and I don't believe that it is anywhere near compatible with Western culture. Unfortunately for us, many in the West have decided to commit cultural suicide.

UPDATE 16 FEB 2009 Of course, the day after I post something that says must really dig find this, I am checking the headlines during lunch and find that FOX News does have a piece up about this prominently on their main page now. ABC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC still do not have it anywhere on their main pages, however. Screen capture from FOX News below.


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