09 February 2009

How To Respond To The Beheaders

If you haven't heard yet, Poland has authenticated a video released by the Taliban that shows the gruesome beheading of a Polish geologist (NOTE: This link is to a news article about the beheading, not the actual beheading video itself). The Polish government is vowing to punish the murderers of Piotr Stanczak.

"The cassette of the execution, this bestial execution, is authentic and unfortunately it confirms the worst," [Poland's Foreign Minister Radoslaw] Sikorski reportedly said in a statement. "Now we can no longer save our compatriot, we are going to try to punish his killers." [...]

The militants issued a statement on the video warning that other foreign hostages would be executed if the Pakistani government did not release some 60 detainees held by the military, the Times of London reported.

The insurgents are reportedly holding at least four foreigners — including a Chinese engineer and Afghan and Iranian diplomats.
My solution to this is not kind, not in keeping with international law, and possibly more barbaric than the beheading itself. The retaliation that I recommend is not born of an emotional response, but rather from a very cold and calculated look at the adherents of the so-called religion of peace who carry-out these vile beheadings. Consider for a moment what I wrote on this blog just over a week ago regarding Islamic terrorists hiding amongst their fellow Muslims.

We can tell the world that we will only use a pre-defined set of interrogation tactics in a bid to "improve our image" and claim a moral high ground. We can tell adherents to Islam that we believe that the majority of Muslims are peaceful, and that we only want to weed out the few bad seeds who have "hijacked their religion." Those and other similar platitudes will not help to find the terrorists in the midst of the Islamic community, because those in the Islamic community will continue to fear what the terrorists might do to them more than any repercussion from those of us in civilizations that follow the rule of law.
Fear and violence are what these animals know and understand, and since that is what they sow, then that is what they should reap.

The Taliban's statement on the video warns of more executions (which would likely be beheadings, since the terrorists know how that plays in the West) if about 60 terrorists aren't released by the Pakistani government. If I were able to call the shots, I would have twelve of the terrorists executed (there are about 60 terrorist prisoners, and there were about 5 civilians being held by the Taliban prior to Stanczak's beheading, so 12 terrorist prisoners executed would be a proper ratio to the number of the 5 civilian captives beheaded). Following that, I would have each of their remains sealed-up in a container with those of a pig in such a manner that the terrorist's remains were virtually indistinguishable from those of the pig's with which he is now interred.

Return those remains to the Taliban, noting that a similar fate is awaiting the beheaders, those holding the hostages, anyone who aids and abets the beheaders, and anyone who aids and abets those holding the remaining hostages. Further, 12 of the terrorist captives will receive the same fate for each of the remaining hostages who are killed in any manner.

Let the terrorists and the people who the terrorists hide amongst know that we are coming for the killers and the hostage takers, and for anyone who aids them in any way. Let them know that civilized means of responding to these atrocities have shown themselves to be ineffective, and those means have now been discarded due to the continuous barbarity of the terrorists. Finally, let them know that when we do find them and dispatch them, they will be executed and disposed of in a way that will not permit them to enter the Islamic paradise that they claim to be seeking.

I know that I will be criticized for suggesting such a response, and I also know that there is no way that the West is ready to carry-out such a plan. My fear, though, is that we will continue with our "moral" responses, and that the enemy will be emboldened to commit even more spectacular attacks because of what they perceive as a weakness in the West.

Is there anything that the terrorists can do that would make the West respond with the ferocity that we are capable of; or will the terrorists continue, eventually winning by achieving a numerical superiority and by dealing the West a death of a thousand cuts?



Joe of St. Thérèse said...

newsflash to the president: dialoguing with people who hate us isn't going to work.

USMC 9971 said...

Absolutely correct, Joe. The individuals who want to talk to and understand these animals do so, in part, to claim hold on a self-defined moral high ground. The monsters have different morals, however, so that moral high ground is just seen as weakness by those who hate us.