08 January 2009

A Second Front For Israel

Rockets have been fired from Lebanon into norther Israel.

Lebanese militants fired barrages of rockets into northern Israel early Thursday, striking a nursing home and threatening to open a second front for the Jewish state as it pushed forward with its offensive in the Gaza Strip. [...]

One of the Lebanese rockets went through the roof of a Nahariya retirement home and exploded in the kitchen as about 25 elderly residents were eating breakfast in the adjacent dining hall. One resident suffered a broken leg, another bruises, apparently from slipping on the floor after emergency sprinklers came on.

"The rocket entered through the roof, hurling the water heaters into the air. It went through bedrooms upstairs and then into the kitchen. There was a serious blast," said Henry Carmelli, the home's manager.
I'm sure that the media will promptly get to asking Hezbollah, the terror group most likely responsible for the rocket attacks in the north, exactly what the legitimate target was for the rocket that hit the retirement home. Yep, they'll certainly get right on that.

If Israel responds "proportionally" to this, and simply launches an indiscriminate mortar attack into Lebanon to randomly hit targets; will the international community will praise Israel for a simple, proportionate response, even if that proportionate response hits civilian targets with no military value? I'm guessing no, but why would anyone be surprised at the duplicity of the international community when it comes to Israel defending itself?


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