09 January 2009

An Attempted Honor Killing In Western New York

Waheed Allah Mohammad, a 22 year-old Afghan refugee, has pled guilty to assault and attempted murder in the stabbing of his sister in a suburb of Rochester, NY. He'll be getting 5 to 15 years with his plea agreement.

During his plea before Monroe County Court Judge John J. Connell, Mohammad said he intended to kill his sister, Fauzia A. Mohammad, 19, when he stabbed her multiple times outside his family's apartment on Linhome Drive in Henrietta. The attack occurred when a female friend of Fauzia Mohammad picked her up at the apartment to take her to New York City, where she intended to start a new life.

During a heated dispute involving several family members, Mohammad got a knife from his car, chased his sister and stabbed her.

Mohammad told sheriff's investigators that his sister was a "bad Muslim girl" because she wore immodest clothes and went to clubs, according to court documents.
There was a reason that Mohammed left Afghanistan behind to come to America as a refugee. When an immigrant leaves his homeland behind because it is a bad place to live, then that immigrant had best not bring that crap culture into our country when he comes running for a better life. Since good ol' Waheed has tracked the Islamic stain on our nation's carpet, I say that he should be sent back to Afghanistan immediately following his prison sentence.

I am absolutely fed-up with people coming here to get away from the misery of their homeland, and then bringing that misery to our country instead of assimilating to our American culture and way of life. If you want to come to America, accept our culture and way of doing things, speak our language, and make a positive contribution to our country, then welcome aboard! If you want to come here to save your own sorry tail because you're not the biggest, baddest dog in your little part of the world, but you otherwise expect that upon your arrival here that we Americans should accommodate you by allowing you to keep speaking the language and living the culture of the trash-heap that you just fled, then get the hell out right now!

Simple little equation: Mohammed and his ilk must assimilate to our culture, or they must leave. End of story.



Joe of St. Thérèse said...

That's not going to happen with Islam, so the next best thing, eliminate them....

USMC 9971 said...

You make the popcorn, I'll load the weapons.

Smiley said...

NO sir,
Mohamed left aghanistan so that he and his friends and mainstrem media bleeding heart supporters could sell out American democracy and replace it with Sharia law.

If you dont think this is going to happen, firstly you have Hussein as a president who as you know well did study in a Muslim type school in Indonesia. Just look at UK and France and western euriope to see what the Muslims are up to

USMC 9971 said...

We will likely need to fight them here, Smiley. Protests like we've seen here (though not heavily covered in the MSM) are what preceded the riots that we have seen in Europe.