13 October 2008

Unbridled Misogyny Amongst Obama Supporters

Hey, if what some random individual shouts out at a McCain/Palin rally is portrayed in the MSM as representative of all McCain/Palin supporters, then the same goes for Obama/Biden supporters, right?

This picture was taken this past weekend in Pennsylvania (not by me, see here). See the class? See the acceptance? See the tolerance? Yes, those shirts do say, "Sarah Palin Is A C***" (the last word is what you think it is; it does rhyme with runt).

If some McCain supporters showed up at Obama or Biden's hotel wearing shirts that said, "Barack Obama Is A N*****" (yes, the N-word that I was thinking of is newbie; what were you thinking?), how do you think that it would be portrayed in the MSM?

No double-standard here. Just even-handed coverage. You all saw the Obama-supporters-are-gripped-by-insane-rage stories on all of the MSM morning shows today, didn't you?

Certainly it was on The View, right? Those ladies would surely expose such explicit misogyny, wouldn't they?

Well, at least you find a little something over at AoSHQ.


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