10 September 2008

Franken Challenged In MN Senate Primary

Al Franken, the leading DFL (Democratic-Farmer-Labor) candidate, won the primary yesterday. While the votes aren't completely tallied yet (83 of 87 counties are completed), Franken has pulled in about 65% of the Democrat vote so far.

His closest competitor, Priscilla Lord-Faris, has earned about 30% of the Democrat vote. Lord-Faris was a late challenger to Franken, and she argued that Franken is not representative of Minnesotans and their values. From her campaign website:

• His coarse humor and language is demeaning to women and minorities.

• His tax problems and questionable financial transactions are not consistent with the way most Minnesotans view their responsibilities.

• He has lived in New York almost all of his adult life and has moved to Minnesota just to run for office.

• Most of his funding comes from his Hollywood and entertainment business contacts.

• He has demeaned and insulted other Senators and office holders, the very people he will have to work with to accomplish anything in Washington.

• In his own words he is an angry man, and he screams profanities and insults to those who disagree with him.

• He says he would not be a good person to hold political office because he is "indecisive" and he views politics as interesting only because the election races are interesting.

• He is behind Coleman by 15 points in the polls.
Franken's DFL competitor took nearly a third of the primary votes, and she has not put anywhere near as much time and money into her campaign as he has into his. It will be interesting to see how many of those Lord-Faris voters continue to not vote for Al Franken in the November election.


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