17 October 2007

The Police Should Have Known Better

That's a bit of sarcasm based on CNN's take on Lars Vilks that I noted in my last post. See, Lars drew a cartoon of Mohammed, and a CNN story about Islamic death threats against the artist suggested that he should have known better considering the what happened in Denmark in 2005.

Well, on Sunday in the Netherlands, a Muslim youth entered a police station with a knife and stabbed two police officers. One of the officers shot and killed the Muslim youth attacker.

The Muslim youth attacker, Bilal Bajaka, had a violent criminal record and had recently been released from psychiatric care. Moreover, police said that Bilal had been personally acquainted with the Muslim who murdered Theo van Gogh.

So, considering all of that, what did the Muslim community do? They rioted over the death of a Muslim youth, naturally.

And that brings us full-circle to the title and the explanation of the sarcasm. As soon as I read this story I knew that I had to parody CNN's take on Lars Vilks.

Still one could argue law enforcement should have known better because of what happened in France in 2005, when two youths of North African descent were electrocuted when they hid in an electric power station, believing they were being followed by police. That incident sparked violent protests across the country.
Yep. Islam is involved, so we are required to blame the victims, right? If not, I believe that the ACLU and CAIR will come after us for hate speech and Islamophobia.

I really hope that the Dutch police shot some of the rioters as well. I know it'll just end up being wishful thinking, but you've got to have dreams, right?


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