16 October 2007

More Double Standards For Islam

Lars Vilks, a Swedish artist who drew a sketch of Mohammed as a dog, has been in trouble with Islam since a Swedish newspaper published the cartoon in August of this year. Al-Qaeda has put a $100,000.00 price on Vilks' head, $150,000.00 if Vilks is killed by slitting his throat. And, not surprisingly, there are Muslims in Sweden who would love to collect the prize.

One Swedish Muslim woman who lives just an hour-and-a-half drive from Vilks said she hopes to make good on the al Qaeda threat and slaughter Vilks like a lamb.

"I can do this in the name of Allah, and I will not fail. I could slaughter him in the name of Allah," says the woman who identified herself only as Amatullah.

She adds, "If I get the opportunity."

Dressed in a black burqa from head to toe and uttering death threat after death threat, the woman -- a wife and mother -- says she is defending her religion and her prophet if she manages to kill Vilks.

Amatullah has already been fined for issuing death threats. Still, she claims she will never stop taunting him.
She's been fined for issuing death threats, though there will be nothing more done to her unless she attempts to make good on the threats. The police in Sweden have suggested that Vilks abandon his home for the sake of his own safety.

It would be interesting to see the reaction if some Swedes decided to play the same game with Islam. Imagine if Amatullah was told that she and her family are targets for death due to her decision to accost a Swedish citizen. What would the reaction be if pork products ended up on Amatullah's front steps, or in her children's desks at their school, or on the steps of any mosques that failed to condemn the death threats on Vilks?

But that won't happen in the West; not yet, at least. CNN even reflects this in their article.

Still one could argue Vilks should have known better because of what happened in Denmark in 2005, when a cartoonist's depictions of the prophet sparked violent protests in the Muslim world and prompted death threats against that cartoonist's life.
See, Vilks should have known better. When it comes to Islam, the West still blames the victims, not the backwards, seventh century cult that is threatening to kill more people over a drawing.

Do you think that CNN would take the same attitude if some members of the military decided to threaten to assault Code Pink for the insults that the so-called peace group has hurled at the military in the past? I don't think that you would be seeing an article in which any MSM entity would suggest that Code Pink should have known better. Instead, the MSM would vilify the military en masse as violent, mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers.

Double standards remain for Islam in the West. How many more of us will they need to kill before the West starts suggesting that, instead of Westerners needing to know better, Islam needs to behave better?


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