08 July 2007


I've said for some time that there will be a point when Islamic terror starts pushing your average Joe Sixpack over the edge, prompting retaliations against anything identified as, or perceived to be, Muslim. A new AP story says that may be the case in Scotland.

In the entire row of stores, the only one that was targeted - the one that still smells of smoke - is owned by a man of Pakistani descent.

Shafiq Ahmed said vandals rammed a car into his "One Stop Shop" convenience store, then set a fire - an assault disturbingly reminiscent of the attempted terror attack just days earlier on the airport of this gritty Scottish city.

Police are investigating the alleged attack and others as part of an apparent backlash against Glasgow's Muslims since the failed airport assault and attempted car bombings in London. At least 24 incidents are being probed, from graffiti on a mosque to firebombed businesses.
Ahmed is probably just a quiet, law-abided individual. He's probably just trying to make his way like everyone else. But he appears to be Muslim, and the face of Islam today is one of angry protests and violent attacks.

There is a breaking point for everyone, and the West may be reaching that point with Islam. When cartoons of their prophet are printed, Muslims protest in the streets and burn buildings across the globe. When the Pope quotes an emperor that most people have never heard of, Muslims protest in the streets, burn effigies of the Pope, and shoot Italian nuns in the back. When terrorism in the name of Islam comes to the West, Muslims in the Middle East cheer and explain that the West's own policies have brought this upon themselves; they don't protest in the streets or burn effigies of the terrorists.

The policies of the terrorists will bring repercussions against random Muslims. The terrorists claim to act in the name of Islam, and people will eventually lash-out at Muslims as a whole because of it. It is the silence of the average Muslims in regards to Islamic terror, and their failure to remove the terrorists from their own midst, that is starting to bring this upon the lot of them.

The peace loving Muslims that we keep hearing about need to come out of the shadows to wrest back control of their faith from the extremists. If they do not, then they will need to constantly worry about two things: What will the terrorists come up with for their next attempt to kill Westerners, and will they or their children be in the crosshairs when a frustrated Western populace responds in kind?


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