11 July 2007

The Cost Of Cut-And-Run

Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters has a scathing op-ed in the NY Post today (h/t Bill Bennett). Here is an excerpt.

EVEN as our troops make serious progress against al-Qaeda-in-Iraq and other extremists, Congress - including Republican members - is sending the terrorists a message: "Don't lose heart, we'll save you!" [...]

Al-Qaeda-in-Iraq is suffering a humiliating defeat, as fellow Sunni Muslims turn against the fanatics and help them find the martyrdom they advertise. Yet for purely political reasons - next year's elections - cowards on Capitol Hill are spurning the courage of our troops on the ground. [...]

I hate the long-mismanaged mess in Iraq. I wish there were a sensible, decent way to get out that wouldn't undercut our security and produce massive innocent casualties. But there isn't. Not now. And, like it or not, we have a moral responsibility as well as practical interests in refusing to surrender to the butchers in Iraq.

This has been the Bush-Cheney War. But it will only be fair to call the carnage after we run away the "Reid-Pelosi Massacres."
You need to read the whole thing. When you've done that, you may want to contact your senators and representative and tell them that a cut-and-run strategy will not improve our security or reduce the killing.

Let our Troops finish the job.


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