14 June 2007

Pregnant Would-Be Suicide Bomber

Two women from Gaza were caught by Israel's Shin Bet before they could carry out their planned suicide attacks on Tel Aviv and Netanya. One of the two women was pregnant.

Fatma Yunes Hassan Zak, 39, a resident of Gaza, mother of eight children and pregnant with her ninth, had been responsible for an Islamic Jihad Gaza women's labor office for four years. She had been in contact with Islamic Jihad terrorists and coordinated contacts on their behalf with women who had volunteered to be suicide bombers.

Approximately three months ago, her niece, Ruda Ibrahim Yunes Haviv, 30, a resident of Gaza and mother of four children, sought her assistance in perpetrating a suicide attack. Zak, who decided to participate in the attack as well, contacted her Islamic Jihad liaison, who aided the two women in putting their plan into operation.
Fatma was ready to blow herself up while pregnant with her ninth child. The lefties would ask what kind of conditions the woman must be in to make such a tragic decision, but I say that it's just par for the course with the Palestinian/Islamic death cult.

No wonder Hamas won the election.


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