14 June 2007

Executions In Front Of Wives And Children In Gaza

Hamas is overrunning Fatah positions and executing Fatah's fighters.

Hamas fighters overran one of the rival Fatah movement's most important security installations in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, and witnesses said the victors dragged vanquished gunmen from the building and killed them in the street. [...]

Fatah said seven of its fighters were shot to death outside the Preventive Security building. A doctor at Shifa Hospital, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal, said he examined two bodies that had been shot in the head at close range.

A witness, Jihad Abu Ayad, said men were killed in front of their wives and children.

"They are executing them one by one," Abu Ayad said. "They are carrying one of them on their shoulders, putting him on a sand dune, turning him around and shooting." [...]

"We are telling our people that the past era has ended and will not return," Islam Shahawan, a spokesman for Hamas' militia, told Hamas radio. "The era of justice and Islamic rule have arrived."
There you have it, right from the mouth of an official Hamas spokesman: Islamic rule has arrived in Gaza. Members of Hamas' political opposition are being dragged out and killed, allegedly having the executions take place in front of the wives and children of the Fatah members.

For me, I'm shedding no tears. Both sides are worthless, and if they want to thin out their ranks by in-fighting, that's fine by me. If their violence extends outside of Gaza, however, then they should be crushed quickly and without mercy.

The Palestinians voted for the thugs that are dragging members of the Fatah-run security forces into the street to be summarily executed. This is the government that they chose, so when the hand-wringers in the West start talking about the plight of the poor Palestinian people, let's all remind them that the Palestinian people themselves are fully responsible for this new "era of justice and Islamic rule."

I have no sympathy for the lot of them.


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