10 May 2007

UK Rescues Girl From Forced Marriage

This story makes my blood boil.

Minister Baroness Scotland said the girl, who was born in Britain, was taken to Bangladesh at the age of six to care for her disabled mother.

At 11, she was forced into marriage but her aunt in the UK reported the case to authorities who brought her back to Britain and put her in foster care.

It is one of 5,000 cases handled by the government's forced marriage unit. [...]

Plans to make forced marriage a criminal offence were rejected last year because of fears it would drive the practice underground.

Instead, a two-year government strategy intended to raise awareness and highlight the help available has been launched.
According to the article, the forced marriage unit was set-up just over two years ago. First, has it really gotten so bad with the Muslims in the U.K. that the British government has reached the point where it needs to have a forced marriage unit? Second, there are currently 5,000 cases being handled by that group? Well, there's the fruit of the political Left's beloved multi-culturalism.

And how about the brilliance of the British government deciding not to make forced marriage a crime so as to not drive it underground? Are you flippin' kidding me? Instead, they decide to just create some programs that will help to raise awareness of the problems related to forcing children into marriage. That's about as smart as saying, "We decided not to make kiddie-porn a criminal offence out of concerns that it would drive the practice underground, but we'll create a new group to tell you how bad it can be for the kids and direct you to help available for those who fall prey to the practice that we won't criminalize."

Melanie Phillips appears to be proven more correct everyday. It really is becoming Londonistan, and the rest of the West isn't all that far behind.


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