17 May 2007

These Heroes Saved A Lot Of Lives

Did you hear the one about the truck bomb in Iraq that was found and disabled before the terrorists could maim and murder innocent Iraqis? You probably didn't if you follow the MSM. However, that is what happened in southern Baghdad on 04 May 2007.

U.S. Soldiers noticed a tanker truck that matched the description of a suspected VBIED. The truck was searched, and fourteen 155mm artillery shells that had been wired for detonation were found inside. EOD disposed of the vehicle and explosives without any casualties or loss of life.

If the terrorists had managed to successfully implement that truck bomb, the MSM would have covered this as one of their top stories. This is why I continue to suggest that everyone should follow the press releases at the MNF-Iraq Website. MNF-I will give you all the news, good and bad, whereas the MSM seems to only provide the negative news from Iraq and other fronts in the war on Islamic terror.

Here is the full story from the MNF-I Website, presented here in its entirety. Note that all content on MNF-Iraq.com is public domain and may be used freely.

MND-B troops thwart insurgent plans; discover truck bomb
Saturday, 05 May 2007
By Maj. Kirk Luedeke
4th IBCT, 1st Inf. Div. PAO
Multi-National Division – Baghdad PAO

BAGHDAD – Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers stopped what might have been a costly attack May 4 in the Rashid District of the Iraqi capital’s south side when they discovered and disposed of a large truck bomb.

The members of the Fort Riley, Kan.-based Company C, 1st Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment "Black Lions," currently assigned to Company A, 1st Bn. 77th Armored Regt. and operating with 1st Bn., 18th Inf. Regt., were conducting a routine patrol when they spotted a large blue tanker truck matching the description of a vehicle suspected of having been converted into a vehicular bomb.

A search of the truck resulted in the discovery of 14 155mm artillery shells wired for detonation.

After securing the area and cordoning off adjacent streets and neighborhoods to prevent any collateral damage, an explosive ordnance disposal team destroyed the vehicle and munitions.

"When proactive Soldiers are alert and understand their mission, everyone benefits," said Col. Ricky D. Gibbs, commander of the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division.

A second weapons cache was also discovered by the Black Lions troops. The Soldiers from Company C uncovered 27 120mm rounds and six 82mm mortar rounds. The additional munitions were placed at the controlled detonation site of the blue tanker truck by an EOD team and a second controlled detonation destroyed them.

"These heroes saved a lot of lives today," Gibbs said. "They had the situational awareness and wherewithal to immediately take action and prevent a potential large-scale tragedy from occurring."
This should have been a top story in the MSM, but it was just passed over like so many stories of the many heroes in our military who, on a daily basis, are out there saving countless lives.


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