11 April 2007

Why We Can't Set Timetables For Withdrawal

I caught this over at Iraq The Model a few days back (emphasis mine).

"Evacuate all houses in the area around the Americans' base for we shall attack it soon... Those occupiers will soon be gone from this land. Who will protect you then?"

These were roughly the words in a leaflet the "mujahideen" distributed in Adhamiya a few days ago. A distant relative who lives there received one.
The enemy knows that there is loud talk in America of turning tail and running. It has become the reputation of our government to flee when things get tough. Bin Laden called us a paper tiger, and the terrorists in Iraq are now intimidating the population with veiled threats of reprisals once "those occupiers" are gone.

Pelosi and friends need to fund the troops without a withdrawal timetable and let them finish the job. If the Democrats are able to legislate a cut and run strategy, it's going to come back and bite us in the tail once again.

Hey, Nancy, let's make a deal. You fund the troops, and we'll make sure that we don't keep forces in Iraq any longer than we have had any in Bosnia. Deal?


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