09 April 2007

What's Good For The Goose...

Blindfolded, bound, isolated in stone cells, forced up against a wall while hearing the sound of cocking weapons, and receiving harsh interrogation from their captors. If it were alleged by terror suspects at Gitmo, the media would be continuously screaming about the U.S. government permitting the use of torture tactics. It was not the U.S. performing those actions, however, so once the MSM dutifully reported them, they also quickly forgot about them.

Now, I've had debates in the past with people over whether or not you could actually qualify any of the interrogation techniques at Gitmo as torture; I still say one could not. But, if the interrogation techniques at Gitmo were/are torture as some people say, then the Iranians are also guilty of torture for their treatment of the Brits.

Come on, now, idealists! Speak up, members of Congress who have accused the U.S. of supporting torture! I want to hear loud condemnations of Iran, followed by demands that the government officials responsible for the treatment of the Royal Navy victims be removed from office, and possibly tried for war crimes/crimes against humanity. Take them to the U.N. Insist upon sanctions. Speak out against the glaring human rights violations committed by Iran.

Shhhhh. Their silence is deafening.


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