10 February 2007

The Religion Of Peace Riots Again

Israel is doing some repair work and building a ramp, but those peace-loving Palestinians are rioting because it might get too close to what they refer to as the Porkchop Sanctuary (or maybe it was Noble Sanctuary; that chicken scribble Arabic writing is tough for us kafirs to translate). Anyway, even Canadians ended up as targets of the "sporadic protests."
Sporadic Palestinian protests, including a rock-throwing attack on a busload of Canadian tourists, broke out in Jerusalem and the West Bank Saturday over Israel's construction of a ramp leading to a disputed holy site.

The demonstrations came the day after Israeli police raided the mosque compound, firing tear gas and stun grenades, in response to riots by Muslim worshippers. Protests have spread throughout the world as Muslim leaders accused Israel of trying to damage the Islamic shrines.
But angry Muslims aren't just protesting in Israel. Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria all had perpetually perturbed followers of the pedophile prophet demonstrating against this "outrage" as well. The Arab League is ticked-off; Turkey is urging Israel to avoid causing new tensions; Egypt, Jordan, and Indonesia are calling for Israel to halt their work; and Malaysia is calling for international action.

The tough guys attacked a busload of Canadians, they're protesting throughout the Muslim world, and Malaysia wants international action. All of this over some construction work? What a bunch of over-reacting morons.


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