12 February 2007

B. Hussein Obama Slips Up

In the fine tradition of Democrats who want to cut-and-run, and who like to smear our troops and then claim that they were misunderstood, I give you B. Hussein Obama.
"We ended up launching a war that should have never been authorized and should have never been waged -- and to which we now have spent $400 billion and have seen over 3,000 lives of the bravest young Americans wasted."
He promptly backtracked, of course, saying that he meant to say that their sacrifices haven't been honored by a civilian leadership that hasn't given them a clear mission. I don't know how you get that from 3,000 lives wasted, but that's his story and he is sticking to it until he comes up with a better one.

I'm not buying that spin, though, Obama. I sounds a little too much like John F'n Kerry back in October.
"If you make the most of it and you study hard and you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq," Kerry said Tuesday.
Kerry claimed that his jibe was supposed to be against the President, and not against the troops. B. Hussein Obama is making roughly the same claim for his gaffe, and I can only hope that, much like Kerry, Obama soon makes one mistake too many and finds his presidential dreams... wasted.


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