31 January 2007

Did You Catch This In The MSM?

Now, I didn't scour the websites of ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX, but I didn't find any stories on this when I searched their websites.
During the operation, members of the Fallujah police Department and Coalition Forces discovered a torture house and rescued three individuals. Two of the hostages were transported and treated at Camp Fallujah. The third hostage was transported by helicopter to Camp Taqqadum for further treatment.

Torture devices were found and confiscated. The house was demolished by Coalition Forces in order to remove the reminder of such violence from the landscape. Also, one of the victims asked that it be destroyed so that no one will ever be taken there and tortured like him.

Additionally, Coalition Forces uncovered numerous weapons caches during the operation. Among the caches, two 14.5 mm anti-aircraft guns, high explosive mortar sights, rocket propelled grenade related materials, a sniper rifle with scope and four assault rifles. Two vehicles were also discovered. One was rigged as a car bomb and the other with an anti-aircraft gun mounted. The explosives were destroyed on scene by coalition forces and the weapons were returned to Camp Fallujah.

The Iraqi police and Marines detained 21 individuals suspected of coordinating insurgent attacks against Iraqi security forces or coalition forces.
One would think that this would be front-page news. So, what is on the front pages of the MSM news sites? ABC: $80M 'Wasted' on Iraqi Camp; CBS: U.S. Soldier Among 43 Killed In Iraq; CNN: Ground Zero rescue dogs falling ill, owners say; MSNBC: U.S.-Iran struggle could trigger accidental war; FOX: Senators Join Forces to Oppose Iraq Surge.

Three hostages were rescued from a terrorist torture house by Iraqi and U.S. forces, weapons caches were discovered and were either confiscated or destroyed, and 21 suspects were detained. That's good news. That's Iraqi forces performing alongside our troops. That's success and progress. And, apparently, that's nothing that the MSM wants to pass on to the American people.


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