26 November 2006

Pray For The Pope

As suggested by the Catholic Knight, please pray daily for the Pope during his journey into Turkey. A precursor from AP via CBS.
Tens of thousands of protesters denounced Pope Benedict XVI as an enemy of Islam at a rally Sunday that underlined deep divisions straining Turkey ahead of the pontiff's visit this week.

Officials hoping to promote closer ties with the West urged calm, but Islamic groups wary of Western ways are united in anger over a speech Benedict gave two months ago in which he quoted a medieval text that linked Islam to violence.

Chants of "No to the pope!" rose among nearly 25,000 demonstrators at every mention of his remarks on violence and the Prophet Muhammad. Many protesters wore headbands with anti-pope slogans and waved placards that included a depiction of Benedict as the grim reaper.
They behead people, shoot Catholic Nuns in the back, and burn buildings, but our beloved Pope is the grim reaper? Pray that God keeps Pope Benedict XVI safe.


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