15 November 2006

How The Enemy Seems To Be Reading This

Rachel at Pereiraville posted part of a letter from her husband’s cousin who is serving in Afghanistan. (Hat tip: IMAO) It isn't good news, but be sure to read the whole thing. I am only presenting the first four sentences below.

The election results have caused us a bit of a problem here. The Taliban are telling everyone that they are winning the war and that the Americans are cowards because we voted for the peace party. Since the election the Taliban have stepped up their attacks because they believe victory is near. Usually, in November the fighting stops until April, but not this year.
I really hope that our government maintains the will to continue to fight the terrorists, and that we make sure that it is made abundantly clear to the enemy that our change in Congressional leadership is not a sign of weakness and forthcoming retreat. Only time will tell, but I am feeling like that is not the case at this moment.


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