15 November 2006

General Abizaid Lets Congress Know That Retreat Could Mean More Violence

General John Abizaid advised against timetables and pulling our troops out of Iraq. He has asked Congress to allow U.S. commanders to have flexibility in managing our forces, not for a mandate to get troops out within the next few months.
Asked directly what effect he foresaw on sectarian violence if Congress legislated a phased U.S. withdrawal starting in four to six months, Abizaid replied, "I believe it would increase."

"It seems to me that the prudent course ahead is to keep the troop levels about where they are," Abizaid said, while placing larger teams of U.S. military advisers inside Iraqi army and police units. He said that increased emphasis on advising Iraqi units might be accomplished without significantly increasing the total U.S. force in the country.
I hope the new ruling party will listen to General Abizaid, but I'm still not counting on it. Brace yourselves for a rough ride, ladies and gentlemen.


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