03 November 2006

Good News From Iraq: USAID

The Multi-National Force - Iraq website has an article about how USAID is making life better in Iraq.

The United States Agency for International Development, better known around the world as USAID, is making drastic improvements to the Iraqi infrastructure and improving the quality of life for millions.

The agency maintains a myriad of projects at any given time, and spends millions of dollars to see them through from start to finish. Whether it’s improving Iraqi canals, ensuring local populations have clean drinking water or restoring city markets, the USAID footprint is prominent and welcome here.

While the article goes into much greater detail than I will here (so you should read the actual article), these are the highlights of some of the recent successes for USAID:

  • The Sweet Water Canal upgrade has provided fresh drinking water to 1.75 million residents of Basrah.

  • The al Korea market in Kirkuk has been revitalized, creating a safe area to gather and shop. As an added bonus, the local community contributed over 1/6 (16.7%) of the cost of the entire project.

  • Nearly 4,000 projects have been implemented that were initiated by USAID working with the local community to determine the community's need.

  • By supporting community education efforts on water management, disease, personal hygiene, water contamination, and simple water treatment practices, USAID and its partners are improving the quality of life for displaced families in Iraq.

The U.S. is doing good work in Iraq and helping the Iraqi people. You probably won't hear about it in the MSM, but you will hear about it here.


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