03 November 2006

A Big Reason Why The MSM Irritates Me

I try to keep up with the press briefings coming out of Iraq, primarily because it gives me the chance to see what is being disclosed to the press versus what is being reported to us by the press. I came across a question from a Washington Post correspondent while reading the latest MNF-I press briefing, and it is a classic example of the MSM.

"General, hi. John Anderson from The Washington Post. Two questions, quick questions, about your missing soldier. He's an Iraqi-American who lived in the United States and was posted here as a soldier. Is that correct?"

Did you catch that? Mr. Anderson, a correspondent for a newspaper based out of Washington, D.C., had a question for General Caldwell "about your missing soldier." Even though Anderson is most likely an American citizen, and though he works for an American media outlet, the question isn't about our missing soldier, it's about the General's missing soldier.

Others have said it before, and I think that this is a great illustration of the attitude held by much of the mainstream media, that the members of the press are "citizens of the world," not Americans. It's a detachment and an elitism that irritates me to no end.

Maybe the next time that some terrorists kidnap an American reporter, the military can refer to the reporter as "your citizen." After all, there aren't really any American citizens in the MSM; they are all citizens of the world, and that is a citizenship that can only be conferred upon those in their exclusive club.

Since the MSM won't keep us informed on this issue, here is an update regarding our missing soldier, Specialist Ahmed Qusai al-Taei. Spc. al-Taei was kidnapped from a relative's home on 23 October 2006 while he was visiting his family (including his wife). Over 2,000 coalition forces and 1,000 Iraqi security forces are directly involved in the search for Spc. al-Taei, there is credible intelligence that indicates who might be associated with this kidnapping, and MNF-I believes that the ones who kidnapped Spc. al-Taei currently still have him.

During the press conference, General Caldwell said, "Make no mistake, we will never stop looking for our servicemembers, and intensive efforts will continue as we pursue finding our missing soldier, Specialist Ahmed al-Taei. We ask you to remember him and ... his family in your prayers."

I'll be sure to say an extra prayer for our missing soldier and his family tonight.


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