11 September 2010

Angers Me To No End

So, this little libtard sends out a link via an acquaintance of mine today that takes me to a bit over at Wonkette entitled, "Here's a 9/11 Death Chart To Drive Your Wingnut Relatives Crazier." It was his own little dig at all of us knuckle-dragging-mouth-breathers who were going to be commemorating the September 11th islamic terrorist attacks today. The bit (which I will not link to) has a chart which shows a comparison of the victims of the September 11th islamic terrorist attacks versus U.S. diabetes deaths and combined U.S. gun deaths and vehicle deaths over the last nine years.

A little note to you smarmy little libtards sending this around to many of your friends today - the islamic terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 were coordinated attacks on primarily civilian targets. The deaths caused by those islamic terrorist attacks weren't the result of diseases or vehicular accidents. The deaths caused by those islamic terrorist attacks were the direct result of the intentional actions of muslims who wanted to kill as many innocent civilians as possible in order to make a statement and to earn some major cred on the arab street.

I'll keep that in mind the next time I hear from some little libtard in need of help. I'll be straight-forward enough to tell them that they can take a long walk off a short pier, and that they can blame their fellow libtards for the cold shoulder. And if one of them gets in a tight spot with their smarmy, ivory tower, know-it-all attitude? Well, too bad for them. I'll just use their logic and point out that the ass kicking that they receive is equal to nothing more than a serious bout the flu - and since the flu affects (and even kills) more people than the libtards who get their asses kicked each year, there is nothing for them to bitch about in the first place.

So, to Wonkette and all the other air thieves out there who passed around that b.s. moral equivalency tripe today: It's on, bitches.


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