31 August 2010

Minnesota State Fair

My daughter really wanted to go to the state fair this year, so yesterday we went. I had not gone to the state fair in over a decade, and I really wouldn't have bothered if my little girl didn't want to go so badly.

On the way home from our camping trip we had talked about maybe taking one of her friends, or letting her get together with one of her friends after we got back from the fair. After she thought about it for a bit, though, she said, "Nah. Let's just make it a daddy-daughter day. I can see my friends anytime, but we can't do daddy-daughter days whenever we want."

That just made the fair that much more worthwhile for me. She had a blast, and I had a wonderful time watching her have so much fun. And it was just the two of us having a great time together for nearly the entire day.

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful little girl.


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