29 June 2010

Secure Our Borders!

The federal government has put up signs in the Arizona desert to warn people of danger, and instructing them to stay away, because it is an active drug and human smuggling area. Imagine if we did that in high-crime areas in U.S. cities. "You will enter the Phillips Neighborhood in two miles. Be aware that it is an active drug and violence area, and that you are strongly advised to stay away." That sort of thing would cause an uproar.

There would be complaints of racism, either because the signs were outside minority neighborhoods, or because the police were only placing signs instead of dealing with the crime in those neighborhoods. That would be a public relations disaster. It would be tantamount to the local government ceding portions of its city to the criminal element within it. Further, it would likely embolden that criminal element to spread its area of influence and control.

Now, while I would hope to see the same outrage from the federal government ceding hundreds of miles (if not more) of territory along the Mexican border, I don't realistically expect that to happen. The media has vilified Arizona, and even though polls show that the American people support Arizona's right to control who comes-and-goes in their state, many will not hear about this through the MSM.

Setting up signs warning Americans not to enter certain areas of their own country's territory surely appears to be equivalent to Obama ceding sovereign U.S. territory to the Mexican drug cartels and other criminal elements. He and his administration need to be called on this. The federal government needs to step-up and enforce our borders, or the federal government needs to step aside and allow the states to do what his administration appears to be too impotent to do.

Support Arizona!


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