24 March 2010

No More Death By Lack Of Insurance, Right?

Megan McArdle has a great item in The Atlantic in which she points out that, since the proponents of Obamacare noted statistics such as American life expectancy and mortality rates as arguments for the need of such legislation, we should be seeing improvments in all of those areas following the passage of Obamacare.
Judging by the statistics that have been used to sell this thing, over and over, liberals are expecting big things.

1) Ezra Klein is confidently predicting that it will save hundreds of thousands of lives.
2) Nick Kristoff expects miraculous improvement in our national life expectancy.
3) Michael Moore thinks this will stop people from getting thrown out of their homes in a Medical bankruptcy.
4) At least one of you must be willing to claim massive improvements in infant mortality, after you've cited those statistics to me over and over.
I think that this is a great point. I may need to start pulling together some stats that were used by the Leftists to push their Obamacare agenda, and then present the target stats that one should expect now that Obamacare has been enacted. If their claims were correct, we will certainly start seeing a longer life expectancy rate, lower mortality rates, fewer people dying due to "lack of insurance," reduced medical bankruptcies, and other quality-of-life improvements now that their will has been imposed.

Use their own words to defeat them.


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