15 November 2009

Mandatory Health Care Coverage Will Create A New Criminal Class

Government-run health care will destroy our economy and erode our freedoms. The way the bills look now, it will likely be much more fiscally prudent for many employers to stop providing health care to their employees. Those employees must then either pay for a new government approved health care plan, get no new coverage and pay a monetary penalty to the government for not being covered, or get no new coverage, refuse to pay the non-coverage penalty, and then face the risk of fines and/or imprisonment for lack of compliance.

Think about that last part. If the non-coverage tax ends up as part of the final bill and becomes law, then choosing not to have health insurance will become a criminal act. If you lose your current coverage because your employer drops the benefit and you are unable to pay the full premium, and if you cannot afford new coverage or the non-coverage tax, then you will be a criminal. If young adults who do not have coverage now, or if young adults lose coverage under their parents' policies because of situations like the previous example, then they will become criminals if they are not able to afford new coverage or the non-coverage tax.

Government-run health care will reduce availability and quality of care, it will hurt 16% of our economy, and it will create a new criminal class that did not exist prior to its inception.



Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I'm apart of that young non-compliant group and completely agree. Obama/Pelosicare will ruin the country.

If there's something I don't want, there's a good reason for it. Why should I have to buy something that I don't want?

USMC 9971 said...

You're right, Joe. The government should not be forcing its own citizens to buy something. I am already taxed enough. I do not need to have a further burden put upon me to purchase something that I may not want or need.

It's all smoke and mirrors anyway, though. You can keep buying what you already have, although they will be changing the rules for those from whom you are buying it from. You will have "greater options" to choose from if you decide to buy something else. Others will be forced to help you purchase the product, either in the form of redistributed tax dollars, or in the form of employer provided health care. Any who decide not to participate will be fined for the greater good of the collective.

In the end, though, it is a big power grab that is leading straight towards a government take-over of health care. The private sector will most likely not be able to compete, which will lead to more government intrusion and an eventual collapse of the majority of private health care.

The politicians, of course, will claim that it was the "greedy corporations" that caused the collapse, and that we are all lucky that the politicians in D.C. were smart enough to put this "safety net in place." I can already hear the politicians saying things like, "Wow, we are lucky that we put national health care in place. Imagine what would have happened if we didn't have government health care available when the private sector collapsed."