12 October 2009

More Global Warming B.S.

This is one of the big reasons why the GOP does not get a dime from me: They buy into the global warming (now called climate change because it has stopped warming) horse hooey.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) co-authored an op-ed in the New York Times with Senator John Kerry (D-MA) entitled Yes We Can (Pass Climate Change Legislation). The op-ed asserts that the authors, and possibly most Democrat and Republican politicians, agree that climate change is real. It goes on to say that even "climate change skeptics" should support reducing our dependence on foreign oil at least for our national security, and warns us that if Congress doesn't create cap-and-tax legislation, then the EPA will regulate industries to prevent more "climate change," and that the EPA won't be providing the incentives and credits that Congress can create through legislation.

In short, Sen. Graham is still trying to sell Democrat-Light as being a reasonable, compromising Republican. Caca de toro, Lindsey! (Thought I should put that in a language that the amnesty advocate would feel more comfortable with.) Once again, Republicans are making the mistake of embracing a load of crap that will seriously harm our economy in an attempt to win the hearts and minds (not to mention money and votes) of independents and conservative Democrats. The thing that Lindsey and his other career politician Republican pals are not understanding is that 1) there is still a lot of debate in the science community over global warming/climate change, and regardless of what Al Gore says, the science is not settled; 2) they are alienating a large portion of their base by jumping on the Democrats' bandwagon, trying to play it off as being less Democrat-like by wanting to help industry ease into "saving the planet" by providing incentives in amendments to a bill that is a big pay-off to the green lobby; and 3) when independents get hurt by Republicans going Democrat-Light, those independents don't see any functional difference between the two parties, and will support the party with the best spin (usually the Democrats), or neither party at all.

Good work, Republicans. Keep alienating segments of your base and hurting independents. When the house of cards comes falling down, the Democrats are going to blame Lindsey and his fellow Republicans for causing the problem by watering down their original proposal. Many independents will swallow the Democrats' spin and move away from the GOP, while large portions of conservatives continue to become more disillusioned with the party they once supported.

When 2010 rolls around, I will vote for conservative candidates who won't sell my daughter's future down the river on some ill-conceived Democrat pipe-dream. And if there is no candidate worth voting for, then I will write in John Galt.


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