25 September 2009

Recent Indictments Of Muslims In The U.S.

I am sure that nearly everyone has heard about the recent Najibullah Zazi terrorism arrest in Colorado, but how much has America been following the other recent indictments of followers of the Religion of Peace in the United States? Here's a quick recap, starting with Najibullah's arrest last weekend.

Najibullah Zazi, Mohammed Zazi, and Ahmad Wais Afzali were arrested on 19 September 2009 for knowingly and willingly making false statements to federal authorities in a terrorism investigation. Najibullah Zazi, the 24 year-old Afghan national from Colorado, has since been charged with plotting to use weapons of mass destruction in an attack within the United States.

Michael C. Finton, a.k.a. Talib Islam, was arrested on 23 September 2009 after attempting to detonate what he thought was a truck laden with 1 ton of explosives outside of the Paul Findley Federal Building and Courthouse in Springfield, IL. The 29 year-old Finton allegedly idolized American Taliban John Walker Lindh.

Betim Kaziu, 21 year-old Brooklyn, NY resident, was indicted for conspiracy to commit murder abroad and support foreign terrorists. The indictment was announced on 24 September 2009. Kaziu allegedly intended to join Al-Shabaab (an Islamic terror organization in Somalia), travel to Pakistan via Cairo, Egypt for terrorist training, and then go to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Balkans to fight against U.S. military forces.

Daniel Patrick Boyd and Hysen Sherifi, both arrested on 22 July 2009 for conspiring to provide support to terrorists, were indicted on 24 September 2009 on a new charge of conspiring to murder U.S. military personnel at Marine Corps Base Quantico. Boyd, now 39 years-old, converted to Islam when he was 17.

Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, a 19 year-old Jordanian who was in the United States illegally, was arrested on 24 September 2009 for attempting to detonate what he thought was a car bomb in the parking garage under the Fountain Place skyscraper in Dallas, TX. Federal authorities allege that Smadi repeatedly stated that he was a soldier of Osama bin Laden and that he desired to wage jihad against the United States.
Oooooh, they're a peaceful lot.


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