19 June 2009

CC's Question

CC has a recent post on her blog (The Crescat) regarding the need to be prepared. I left a comment on that post, and she left one in my last post asking if I could recommend any sites for disaster preparedness and firearms storage. Yes on the former, but I'd look at the NRA website for the latter.

Emergency Readiness
Federal GovernmentState GovernmentsOther Groups

Thanks to all of the state organizations, those are a lot of links. If you want to check out only a few, then I'd suggest Ready.gov, your state's emergency website, and the Red Cross.

I would also suggest that you do a search on emergency supplies or emergency kit. This will bring up links to many online stores with emergency gear and pre-packaged kits. Some of those websites also have their own blogs on emergency readiness and survial.

As far as firearm safety and storage are concerned - read the manual that came with your firearm (or get one from the manufacturer), practice with it, clean it after every use, and store it as is appropriate for you needs and state law. If you are new to firearms, I strongly recommend that you enroll in an NRA training program. They have programs for everyone, as well as those that specifically cater to women or youth.

I'll do another post soon with a break-down of what I have in our home for emergency preparedness.



Carolina Cannonball said...


Carolina Cannonball said...

what I am kind of looking for is some resources on how to start your own food supply and being self sufficient, food canning, how to make bombs out of bubble and match sticks macguiver style, building a shelter, living off the grid etc. I suppose though ppl who live like that dont advertise on the interent. :P

Im still picking through all the info you've provided, again thank you, I cant wait to read what else you post. if I have more questions I pop in and out and post a reply.

USMC 9971 said...

Here is some more, CC. I will touch on the food supply in an upcoming post (whichever one ends-up containing the shelter in place information).

Living off of the grid? There are some websites that I've come across that discuss that, and I'll see if I can find them later this weekend.

Be careful with any information that you find regarding "MacGuiver" style weapons or explosives. One problem is that the information can be incorrect, and another problem is that the materiel that you create may be extremely volitile.

Carolina Cannonball said...

oh, the home made hand grenades was a joke. maybe. sort of. of course I was joking. or was i?

knowing me id shoot my eye out and blow off my hand.

Anonymous said...

you guys are crazy and paranoid - a black man becomes prez and you rethuglicans go nuts - this is why homeland security was 100% right - rightwingers are a bigger danger than any threat from muslims

USMC 9971 said...


Name calling is not going to get you invited to the cool parties. Neither are strawman arguments.

Have a great day!