02 December 2008


There has been a lot going on here, and a lot that I have wanted to blog about.

There was the atrocity in Mumbai. I really had plenty to say about that, but I think that Emperor Misha said it best when he said:

Nuke them. Nuke them till they glow. Then nuke them some more, just for the sheer fucking Hell of it.

Death to pisslam, death to the followers of it and everlasting death and torture to anybody who as much as thinks about coming up with excuses for it.
Yes, I realize that others may find that too extreme, but I really don't care anymore. If the "extremists" have hijacked their religion, then the Muslims must identify the terrorists in their midst and take back their religion. Anything less becomes nothing more than being an accomplice. And, if the excuse given to the silent Muslims is that they fear for the safety of themselves and their families due to the wrath of the terrorists who have allegedly hijacked Islam, then maybe it is about time that they feared us more in order to procure the bad guys amongst them. Either way, I don't care.

Then there was Thanksgiving at my mother-in-law's house. It was a great day, and the talk was loads of fun after dinner when the kids were downstairs playing. Gay marriage and the recent election were the two main topics. I hope to touch on that later.

And now there is tonight. I have had to explain to my seven-year-old daughter, for the second time in six months, that someone that she knew well has died. I'd like to be more inspiring or prophetic, but the truth is that I hate death. I don't fear my own, and I pray that I will face mine with dignity and courage; but I hate dealing with the deaths of others.

There you have it. I'll be leaving soon for another funeral, and then there is Christmas, so I don't know how much I'll be blogging this month. Sorry if I'm gone for a bit.



Joe of St. Thérèse said...

The emporor is exactly right, kill them all. Quite frankly, if the silent majority think that their religion is being hijacked (which it's not) tell someone within that actually has courage to step up and do something about it to do something about it, the problem is that when you're silent you participte by concealment and by consent (of course Muslims wouldn't have the understanding of that)...I've had it up to here with "the Religion of pieces" St. James the Moor destroyer, pray for us.

USMC 9971 said...

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who feels that way, Joe.