19 December 2008

Goose Creek Update: Mohamed Gets 15

Ahmed Mohamed has been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for providing material support to terrorists.

In court, U.S. District Judge Steven D. Merryday pondered the 27-year-old's potential aloud, gazing at the former engineering doctoral student and teaching assistant who had once managed a 4.0 GPA.

"I still wonder why this young man in front of me at his age, at his intelligence, how he has become committed to this path," Merryday said.

Mohamed admitted in a June plea agreement to creating a YouTube video showing how to turn a child's remote control toy into a detonator. He told authorities the video was to be used by martyrs fighting "invaders" of Arab countries, including the U.S. military.
Yousef Megahead, who was arrested along with Mohamed in South Carolina on 04 August 2007, is still awaiting trial.


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