16 November 2008

Took The Wife To The Range

I took my wife to the range on Friday. She's been a little down lately, she wanted to get out of the house, and she wanted to blow off some steam.

This was only her second time shooting any firearm. The first time out was just some plinking with the 22. I really didn't want her first experience with a firearm to be one of a really hard punch to the shoulder.

We also started with the 22 this time, and we went through roughly 100 rounds split evenly between the two of us. She had mentioned before we went that she wanted to fire something a little bigger than the 22 this time, so I had brought ten 410 slugs.

The target above is one that we used for the 410. It was about 13 yards down range, fired from a standing position, using Remington Express rifled slugs (2 1/2" shells), fired through an 18" smooth-bore single-shot. I took two shots, and she took eight (her shots are the ones colored orange).

It was her second time ever shooting, and her first time shooting the 410, and she got 71 out of a possible 80. I got 19 out of a possible 20 (and I did my 5 push-ups for every percentage point shy of perfect).

We may try some trap and skeet this spring.


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