26 October 2008

Dog Feces Put In McCain Supporter's Pickup

A self-described "McCain hater" in St. Cloud, Minnesota started putting bags of feces in the back of the pickup truck of his neighbor. Why? Because his neighbor's vehicle had McCain-Palin stickers on it.

(h/t to The Jester's Axe)

The owner of the truck said he put McCain-Palin campaign stickers on his truck about two weeks ago. Shortly after, he started finding small bags of dog poop in the back of the truck.

Wednesday morning, the owner's mother saw a neighbor putting bags of poop in the truck and called police.

David Vandelinden, 45, of St. Cloud was identified as the suspect, and admitted to placing the dog poop in the truck because "he hates McCain."
The audacity of hope is fine with Obama supporters, but it seems that they can't abide the audacity of their political opponents exercising basic first amendment rights.


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