29 September 2008

Our Lazy Representatives In D.C.

People on both sides of the political aisle are wringing their hands over this bill not passing. Some people who were against it this morning are now for it this evening. Many people of all political and economic persuasions are saying that this must be done.

So where is Congress right now? They are on a vacation.

Yep. Vacation. It's Rosh Hashanah. No work is permitted. It's a Jewish holiday, there are something like 30 Jewish members of the House of Representative, and the whole lot of them will be gone until Thursday.

I will be working tomorrow. My friends will be working tomorrow. The vast majority of Americans will be working tomorrow. Not our esteemed representatives in the federal government, however. They'll have the day off.

If this is as important as we are being told that it is, then let's drop the P.C. B.S., have our civil servants actually SERVE, get their buts on the floor all night, and come up with a plan that actually addresses the issue, and nothing more than the issue.

But they won't. They'll blame each other. They'll try to sneak in gotchas for their special interests. They will not accomplish anything.

I'm absolutely fed-up with the whole lot of the politicians, Democrat and Republican. How about you?


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