25 September 2008

The Intolerant Left

You have probably heard before from those on the political left that they are accepting and tolerant of others who are different from them. I've heard it many times.

Well, take a look at these two recent examples of liberal intolerance.

A news anchor at a FOX affiliate in Maine has received “hate mail and nasty phone calls” from viewers who think she bears a striking resemblance to the Republican vice presidential nominee.

An organic wine from Chile has oenophiles in San Francisco turning up their noses. But there’s nothing wrong with the wine. It’s the name that bothers them:

Palin Syrah.

The wine from a boutique vineyard in Chile was once a strong seller, but now it’s an outcast in the City by the Bay because its name comes way too close to a certain governor from the state of Alaska, says Celine Guillou, co-owner of the Yield Wine Bar.
A news anchor gets hate mail because she resembles Sarah Palin, and a Chilean wine has sales fall of in San Francisco because its name is similar to Sarah Palin's. Yep, that screams open-mindedness.


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