12 July 2008

Success Breeding Success

According to Navy Rear Admiral Patrick Driscoll, that is the situation in Iraq. From CentCom:

"As the [Iraqi security force] enforces the rule of law and improves security in places like Basra, Mosul, Amarah and Sadr City, the people are finding new confidence in those that lead and protect them," Driscoll said. "Iraqis see security forces in their neighborhoods providing protection, and they are increasingly providing the army and police with valuable information that enhances safety." [...]

Essential services follow in the wake of these security operations. In Baghdad's Mansour district, the Iraqi government opened the capital city's largest public works substation. The facility will provide the community with its own center that supports street cleaning, sanitation and garbage removal, Driscoll said. The embedded provincial reconstruction team of the 101st Airborne Division's 2nd Brigade Combat Team supported much of the work.
The Iraqis are stepping up to the challenge, and U.S. Forces are supporting them. Good things are happening in Iraq, which is probably why you aren't seeing or hearing about it much in the media.


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