08 July 2008

Russia Issues Military Threat

Russia is sabre rattling.

Russia says the [missile defense] system would severely undermine European security balances by weakening Russia's missile capacity.

If the agreement is ratified, "we will be forced to react not with diplomatic, but with military-technical methods," the Foreign Ministry statement said. It did not give specifics of what the response would entail.
I say ratify the U.S.-Czech agreement and call Russia's bluff. The Czech Republic has been a member of NATO since 1999, so I seriously doubt that Russia would launch an actual attack. They may play the point-missiles-and-lock-radar game (which, don't get me wrong, can be serious), but I don't believe that they will move beyond that.

We cannot allow our foreign policy, especially in regards to our allies, to be dictated by Russia or any other foreign state.


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