06 February 2008

Our Caucus

It was an interesting caucus, and the debate got rather passionate at times. The turnout was so large that the only available parking was quite a distance away, and people continued to show up after I arrived. In fact, the convener in our precinct room noted that we had about a 700% increase in attendance over the last caucus.

Here's how the straw poll went in my precinct:

Mitt Romney48.28%
Mike Huckabee22.41%
Ron Paul17.24%
John McCain12.07%
There was one person who was vocally in support of John McCain, three who were vocally in support of Ron Paul, and the remainder of those who spoke up were either for Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee (one of whom stated that she was a Fred Thompson supporter up until he dropped out). Those who were there were definitely concerned about this upcoming election, and it was evident quickly that there was not a lot of love for McCain in our precinct.

Regardless of the disagreements that all in attendance may have had over the candidates, there was unanimous agreement on one point: The Republican Party is in trouble. Everyone felt that the Republicans have strayed off-course, and there was little hope that any one of the current candidates could unite the base during this election cycle.

The positive side to this, however, was that most of those who showed up were there to do what they could to turn things around. It wasn't an attitude of, "We're doomed and it's all over," but rather one of, "It's time to get to work and take the Party back." That was good to see. I don't know what will happen in November, and I cannot honestly say that I am feeling optimistic about this election, but at least I can say that I was involved in trying to make a change.

And my involvement hasn't gone un-noticed. This morning my daughter came in early and asked, "Who's our new president going to be, daddy?" She knew that I went to the caucus last night, and she knew that it involved the upcoming election. If nothing else, at least my daughter is learning through me that it is important to be involved in the process, and that we all have a say in shaping our government.


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