25 February 2008

Opening A New Chapter In American Leadership

"This election offers us the chance to turn the page and open a new chapter in American leadership. The disappointment that so many around the world feel toward America right now is only a testament to the high expectations they hold for us. We must meet those expectations again, not because being respected is an end in itself, but because the security of America and the wider world demands it.

"This will require a new spirit – not of bluster and bombast, but of quiet confidence and sober intelligence, a spirit of care and renewed competence. It will also require a new leader. And as a candidate for President of the United States, I am asking you to entrust me with that responsibility."

B. Hussein Obama - Speech at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs on 23 April 2007
We need to bow to the world's expectations and demands for our own security? Is that the image of quiet confidence, sober intelligence, and renewed competence? Is this the new leadership?

Nice buzzwords and all, but I'm still not feeling all that warm and fuzzy about entrusting B. Hussein Obama with the responsibility of President of the United States of America.


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