29 February 2008

Minnesota's Senate And House Want To Take More Money

This is from about a week-and-a-half before the multi-billion dollar tax increase that the DFL and a few Republicans pushed through via a veto override on Monday, but it is indicative of what the DFL seems to want to do to us Minnesotans. This one is a referendum for a constitutional amendment for a twenty-five year 0.375% sales tax increase.

Minnesota voters will get to decide if the state sales tax should rise to guarantee money for programs that protect wildlife habitat, drinking water and the state's cultural heritage.

The House and Senate gave final authorization Thursday to a November ballot measure known as the Legacy Act. It seeks to amend the state constitution and earmark more money for natural resources and arts programs.

The 3/8ths of 1 percent increase to the tax -- a tad below 4 cents on every $10 purchase -- would take effect in July 2009 and remain in place for 25 years. It is projected to raise $276 million by 2011, the bulk of which would go for environmental conservation.
Another attempt to increase the sales tax. In this post I noted that the 0.25% sales tax increase, which was tentatively pushed through by the veto override, would pull in over $88 million from the seven county metro area based upon 2006 Minnesota Department of Revenue figures. Well, if you tack on an additional 0.375% increase to that 0.25% increase already passed by the state (but still able to be blocked by the seven metro area County Boards), then you will be looking at an additional $132 million in tax revenue just from those seven counties. The two increases combined would impose an additional 0.625% sales tax, or an additional $220,740,911.33 in sales tax revenue in the seven county metro area alone (based again upon 2006 Minnesota Department of Revenue figures).

We need to vote NO against this referendum. I'm already telling charities that they need to ask the state for my money since the DFL is legislating that my money is no longer mine to distribute as I see fit. The more that comes out in taxes, the less many will give to charity.

Oppose these tax increases, Minnesota!


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