28 December 2007

Feingold & Dodd Are Butt Monkeys

Senator Russ Feingold was on the Ed Schultz Show mere hours after Benazir Bhutto had been assassinated, and he seemed to be implying that our involvement in Iraq is, at least in part, responsible for Bhutto's murder.

FEINGOLD: The focus on Iraq has been a real disservice to focusing on this part of the world where a great, frankly somebody who had great leadership and following, has been killed.
Two hours later, on the same show, Chris Dodd was one-upping Feingold.

DODD: It reflects once again the misdirection in my view of the (Bush) Administration on focusing on Iraq and Iran. I've been saying for months that Pakistan and Afghanistan deserve more attention.

It's still the epicenter of international terrorism, of where Osama bin Laden is, here. And yet the administration continues to focus its efforts, its resources, its time and effort on Iraq and Iran.
The problem is not that we are involved in Iraq; the problem is that Islamic terrorism exists, and that it is based largely in that part of the world. We wouldn't need to have our military deployed to deal with the Muslim terrorists if it wasn't for the terrorists being psychotic assclowns in the first place.

But don't worry, Russ and Chris. Keep pushing what you're pushing, and we'll have some Muslim splodeydope blowing up politicians for Allah here in the States in no time.


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