13 November 2007

The Trend Toward Better Security Is Indisputable

That is from a new AP piece on the improving security situation in Iraq.

BAGHDAD - Rocket and mortar attacks have fallen to their lowest level in nearly two years. Civilian deaths have dropped sharply since summer. Shoppers are venturing out, even in Baghdad's most dangerous neighborhoods.

Iraq's capital is by no means yet safe. But the trend toward better security is indisputable.

In short, the traumatized residents of this sprawling city are experiencing their first sense of normalcy after years of bombings, kidnappings and wholesale slaughter. Iraqi officials are speaking optimistically about reopening streets and gradually lifting the nighttime curfew to encourage public confidence. [...]

"I think it has turned a corner," Gen. Richard Cody, vice chief of staff of the Army, told the AP on Monday. "These things take time, though ... We have to have patience ... Certainly the enemy has patience. We have to have patience."
If you check out the MNF-Iraq website, you will see plenty of other successes. As the article notes, things haven't magically become all puppy-dogs and ice cream in Iraq, but the improvements are noticeable and dramatic.

When Speaker Pelosi says, "There is no light at the end of the tunnel," she must not be looking at all of the facts on the ground. Instead of threatening to offer no funding for our Troops without a cut-and-run provision, maybe the Democrats should start listening to our Troops and noticing the successes.

Gen. Cody says that we need to have patience, Speaker Pelosi, and even the AP is now saying that the trend toward better security in Iraq is indisputable. Instead of pulling the rug out from under the feet of our Troops, why not do something novel by giving them the funding and support that they need to try to continue this trend.

The Democrats say they support the Troops; let's see if they will actually do it.


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