25 October 2007

Casualty Rates DROP In Iraq

Odd, isn't it, that this is not getting any big-time MSM fanfare? An actual Fox News article (not one of the AP reprints on the Fox News website) describes a drop in violence in some of the most dangerous places in Iraq. Most notable was that there was not one Iraqi or U.S. military casualty in Al Anbar over the course of last week. I say again, there was not one Iraqi or U.S. military casualty in all of Al Anbar over the entirety of last week. Other stats from Joint Chiefs of Staff spokesman Major General Richard Sherlock:

• Violence in and around Baghdad is down 59 percent.
• Car bombs are down 65 percent.
• Casualties from car bombs and roadside bombs are down by 80 percent.
• Casualties from enemy attacks down 77 percent.
• Operations against Iraqi security forces are down 62 percent.
• Assassination attempts for sectarian reasons are down 72 percent.
No military casualties in Al Anbar for a week, violence down in the Baghdad area, car bombings are down, car bomb and roadside bomb casualties are down, casualties from enemy attacks are down, and sectarian assassination attempts are down; yet the MSM is suspiciously quiet.

Now, I know that there are those who will say that the California fires are taking the majority of the MSM time and headlines, but I don't buy that excuse. If the terrorists get off a big hit in Iraq while the California fires are still burning, do you think that the MSM will be too busy with California, or do you think the MSM will plaster that carnage without pointing out the significant decrease in violence that has continued in Iraq prior to the attack?

I think that it would be the latter, and that such coverage is indicative of the way the MSM cherry-picks what image of Iraq to show the American people.


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